Quickbase Pricing

13.03.22 06:48 PM By Justin

What is the Cost of Quickbase?

Save money on Quickbase Pricing and keep it in your piggy bank

As of 2022, Quickbase pricing falls into 3 different categories. Their plans are called Team, Business, and Enterprise. Depending on your needs, Quickbase offers per user as well as a usage based licensing. Respectively the plans start at $600, $2000, and custom, price per month.

Usage or User based Licensing?

Whether you pick usage based or user based pricing will depend on how you use your Quickbase realm. If you have a large volume of users that use your Quickbase apps very sparingly, you may want to choose usage based pricing. Alternatively, if you have a small number of users who use Quickbase extensively in all of their business processes, user pricing may be better for you.


The Team plan starting at $600/mo is the entry point for the Quickbase Platform. This plan will give you access to 50 production customizable business apps. You get access to 3 channels in Pipelines, Webhooks, and the all new REST API. You also get base level governance features, platform support, and free access to Quickbase University.


The Business plan starts at $2000/mo and is a significant step up in terms of features and functionality. This plan will be a great entry for organizations who have many Quickbase Builders working on business critical applications. In addition to the increased entitlements for number of production applications and Pipeline channels you get:
  • Sandbox Environments that make it easier to manage the software development lifecycle
  • The ability to operate Quickbase apps online on Mobile devices
  • Custom branding in your applications
  • A wide array of governance tools, including HIPAA Compliance, SSO, and Data Classification


Enterprise licensing is for the largest consumers of Quickbase. There isn’t any published data about the cost of Quickbase at this level as each plan will be customized according to the organization’s needs. Some of the key components that are available to Quickbase customers in the Enterprise plan are:
  • One-click performance optimizations.
  • Integration of your Quickbase apps with on-premises databases and systems.
  • Custom Encryption

Need More Help Choosing?

If your answer isn't as clear as you hoped and you need help analyzing your current usage, reach out to Jaybird Technologies, we can help make you pick and get you connected with Quickbase for priority support.