Quickbase Integrations and Automation

Jaybird Technologies makes your work easier by setting up Quickbase Integrations for you. We can rapidly connect any of your apps seamlessly with thousands of other cloud platforms and services via the Quickbase API. Partner with us, and together we'll create powerful workflows that streamline business processes and simplify reporting.
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​Quickbase Certification

Our engineers have been Expert Builder Certified through Quickbase University. We have the knowledge and experience to connect your disparate applications. We use best in class low code automation platforms and offer a wide range of supporting Quickbase Services. Talk with a Quickbase Consultant today.


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Pipelines is Quickbase's native integration and workflow engine. Being a relatively new product, it has 40+ available app connectors.

This product is a native Quickbase app, so it is usually built into the price of your subscription. A Quickbase solutions provider's preference is to build automations here first. If it isn't yet available in Pipelines, we can explore other platforms.

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Workato is an enterprise grade integration and workflow automation platform. It has thousands of ready to use connections, and a whole suite of tools to support the software development lifecycle. Jaybird Technologies can help you leverage the power of this platform.

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Zapier is another low code integration platform that has a Quickbase workflow connector. This product has over 3000 plug and play connectors. Zapier is a great choice for those looking to rapidly connect various data sources. Their price point is lower than that of Workato's, but they also have fewer software development lifecycle tools.

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n8n.io is a relatively new player to the game of workflow automation. Working with Quickbase is a breeze with this product. What makes this so exciting is that it is fair-code licensed and you can host it on your own. If you need something you have full control over, this is the product for you.

Previous Projects


Our client needed their Quickbase Project Management Application connected with HubSpot. The connector we built them allowed them to automatically attribute their marketing campaigns to active customers.


We helped a Health Care Company get the best use out of their Quickbase Pipelines service. Our integration used Formstack Documents and their Quickbase database to generate beautiful documents automatically in a HIPAA compliant manner. Their patients loved to see these documents after a visit.

Microsoft Teams

With Pipelines, we were able to pull new support tickets from our client's Quickbase CRM into Microsoft Teams. This helped a team of Digital Marketing managers get real time notifications for their customer's service requests.

Quickbase API

We always prioritize building systems that you feel confident maintaining without help. However, not every application can be connected with a low code integration platform. Our Quickbase Consultants are ready to help by building custom connectors for services that aren't supported natively. Contact us to learn more.